The Life Needs Balance is the new black presentation is an engaging, and 100% entertaining keynote, presented by one of the most dynamic speakers in the business.


Join Chris in an entertaining and enlightening perspective on work / life balance. 


Reaching your potential takes intention, and the understanding of how to meet your own needs first. In this keynote, participants will:


* Discover what their own personal needs profile looks like; and

* Learn how to recognise unhelpful thoughts and use more helpful thinking  



Christopher engages the audience through his various mind reading games and even hypnosis demonstrations in a fun and enlightening manner to deliver key concepts. This presentation is perfect for not only entertainment, but will help build a competent, productive, and unified team.


“You can’t pour from an empty cup. How do you fill yours?”




Christopher Phoenix from “Phoenix Support for Educators” will deliver a motivation Workshop WITH A TWIST!
We never met anyone who went to work to do a bad job. So why is it that so many people underperform both professionally and personally?
Learn why team members are:

 * Tired
 * Run down and
 * Burning out
Could your workplace do with more harmony? 


Perhaps you just want to treat and inspire your amazing team?


This Professional Development Workshop is one of the most entertaining PD workshops of the year. Imagine a team building session that gets your whole team thinking clearer, feeling happier, more motivated, and productive.


Using a blend of games, hypnosis*, and entertainment Chris demonstrates why we fail to have happy and effective work lives and how to overcome barriers that steal our enjoyment and productivity.


                  “You will leave energized and inspired”









Do you want to have loose parts as part of your program but not sure how to keep them organised, the children engaged and show families the value of them?

This fun and interactive workshop will take educators on a journey of exploration whilst learning all about Simon Nicholson's Theory of Loose Parts.


Rebecca will give an insight to the early childhood theories that marry in with Simon Nicholsons Theory as ask educators to reflect on their values and ethics around using loose parts. - What are our barriers?


Rebecca will facilitate discussion around what is stopping us from using loose parts and what is frustrating us about them. - What excites us? - Lets make a plan about what you would love to do in your service with the children and be inspired by stories from each other, Rebecca will share stories and we will make a wish list! - Lets play!- There is nothing like exploring the materials yourself and working through the ideas as

they come up through the eyes of a child. Rebecca will bring attention to the systems, intentions and play possibilities as educators explore large and small loose parts using everyday items.

“The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences.”

- Loris Malaguzzi-